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Ultima conectare din America
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Orlando, Florida, America
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63 kg 
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Ochi caprui 
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Divortat(a), caut jumatatea 
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Looking for true love who accepts me. My past relationships have been without focus on myself. I do have children from previous relationships (3 kids). And is a lot, I know. But they are involved in my life and still want to find someone to spend the adventure here on earth with. My strengths are im kind, family first, and work hard. And ive learned to be open and express myself very well. This is also my weakness as being kind has led to me letting love instead of logic drive me. I fall too hard sometimes, letting someone tell me what to do and disrespectful to me and I make mistakes like that, and thinking that I can work better to change the outcome.

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optimista, pozitiva, romantica, tandra, calma, echilibrata, cu simtul umorului, de casa, familista, altruista, de incredere 
Arta, cultura, Internet, calculatoare, Activitatile culinare, Obiectele Artizanale, Iesirea la restaurant, Familia, prietenii, Jocurile, Gradinaritul, Sanatatea, Miscarea, Ascult muzica, Imi place sa cant, Urmaresc filme, Imi place sa citesc, Religia, Spitirtualitatea, Teatrul sau Opera, Ma uit la TV, Calatoriile 
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Informatica, Comunicatii 
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I would like my partner to be happy and positive. Optimistic. Family values, trust, respectful and understanding. Compromising and helpful and works together to accomplish things. Physically a partner would be attractive, slender or average type body, I have no preference color of hair or eyes. I would like someone similar to my height but I am ok if she is a little taller, maybe by two inches. And is okay to be older but no older than 3 years.

Professionally I would like my partner to have ambitions and try to achieve their goals. But her focus being family. To help the household, whether thats at a job or at the house as long as its together and a balance so we can spend family time together. Socially be fun and want to do things and travel and try foods and stuff, see and explore. I like crafts and making things and tinkering and playing games and watching tv.

I like road trips and traveling. I do not like being controlled or told what to do, I believe a relationship need two people to discuss and make decisions, not just one telling everyone else what to do. So she would need to be mentally stable, understanding, and accepting, but that would go both ways. I dont like disrespect or dishonesty or unfaithfulness. I believe in love that it exists but i think to make something work is a choice even if faced with temptation from other people. So someone who is strong willed is a must to always put family first and not leave or cheat or give up if things get tough, but to work out differences respectfully and faithfully.

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