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Acworth, Georgia, United States
55 kg 
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Brown Eyes 
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I am Single & I look for a relationship 
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A Renaissance man, God fearing, a simple Man, nice, deep, goofy, romantic, creative, insightful, compassionate, helpful and resourceful and certainly i am.

Acest profil este suspectat a fi fals si prin urmare a fost blocat de echipa siteului Cupidon.ro - Adresa IP folosita acesta se afla fizic in Africa dar foloseste un proxy server din Japonia, altul din Turcia si altul din Elvetia, pentru a-si ascunde urmele.

Please read - Important site admin notice:

This profile is a scam, so our team blocked him. Actually he lives in in Africa, not in US. He use a turkish and a swiss ip to scam women. He is a romance scam. His mail address is williamshook110@gmail.com Phone in Africa +2348085597356.

What is a romance scam?

A romance scam is a fraud technique that criminals use to access their victims’ finances by engaging in a romantic relationship with them, gaining their trust and affection so that they can later manipulate their lovers-victims into willingly sending them money.

Don’t fall for a romance scam!

Learn how to read the signs when looking for your true love online:

Be vigilant of rapid and eccentric expressions of love: scammers tend to move fast to make the relationship become very serious very quickly
Always double-check the pictures you are being sent. You can check photos’ authenticity by running a Google reverse image search. The sooner you find out if a photo is genuine or not, the sooner it will save you from great financial loss and emotional distress.
Be extra careful if someone ask you to move communications away from the original website or app you met.
Never ever, EVER share photos or videos of a private nature. That’s the quickest way to get blackmailed (by a scammer but also by a revengeful ex!).
Be suspicious if your online love-one always sets you up when you are supposed to meet “IRL”, even if they give you excellent reasons – that is a major red flag that you may be involved in a romance scam.

Be receptive to your family and friends’ advice and warnings: they can often better spot a fraud, because they are not in the love haze.
Note: this may be the biggest and maybe scariest issue of a romance scam: even after being warned of a possible fraud, some victims keep trusting the scammer they fell in love with. Never ever, EVER give out your personal banking details, no matter who is asking, or the amount. You should especially never send your financial details to someone you’ve never met in person, even if they send you gifts.


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Without kids 
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Yes, I want kids 
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A person:
ambitious, persevering, educated, respectful, romantic, tender, sense of humor 
Arts, Computers / Internet, Dancing, Gardening, Listening to music, Movies, Playing sports, Religion, spirituality 
Professional life
College grad 
Technical, Science, Engineering 
Look for a serious relationship
How your partener should be:

Someone open and honest and this area can be a tough place for a single person

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