International Online Dating and Introduction

Anti-Scam Policy

The featured profiles on CUPIDON learn of and link to the CUPIDON website, using major Russian search engines. These same Ladies correspond via an interface similar to a client's interface and the correspondence between CUPIDON members is neither screened nor moderated, because we must respect their privacy; consequently, CUPIDON does not control the content of your private messages, so CUPIDON cannot be held responsible for the content of member correspondence.

However, to protect our members from the possible dishonest and/or unethical behavior of other members, we encourage you to report to CUPIDON administration any cases of such attitude from the part of any men or woman.

Under each Lady's profile in the members' area click on the Repport button that allows you to contact our Support Team easily (0040 740 800 800) to report inappropriate behavior.

Please remember that by sharing this type of information with us, you are helping us to protect you and other customers from such inappropriate behaviour, thus improving the service within our industry.

Please contact us if:

An European Lady you are corresponding with asks you to send money or any other form of financial assistance to her. Be aware that such requests are very often framed within the context of a sick family member needing immediate medical assistance (or other family emergency) or the need to pay for English lessons. Our advice : Pleae, never send money !

If a Lady suggests that the two of you use another dating agency's website to continue your correspondence. It is quite likely that this may be a representative of the other website that is promoting the services of this site.

If a Lady misrepresents information about herself, such as whether she has children (and the number and/or age of the children) or her level of English proficiency in the profile.

If you find a Lady on any of the so-called Black Lists or Scam Sites etc. on the Internet.
If you find the photo of the Lady accompanied by different and/or contradictory details on another dating website.

In each of the reported cases, we will look closely into the details of the complaint and report the results to you. Should the behavior of the Lady in question be determined improper or inappropriate, the Lady will be removed from our website and added the Black/Scam Lists.

We thank you very much for helping our dating agency to maintain a Scam Free industry.