Free dating sites for marriage on Internet. Free dating sites are not serious, but a real waste of time. Did you knew ? Nobody checks the motivation of the profiles on free dating sites. Most of registered members are fake, asking money, inactive, engaged allready in relationship, liers, scam, disguised africans scams, men or women looking for sex or one night stand, sick or dangerous people. Are you sure that you want to meet a man or a woman like that ? I do not think so !

Have you noticed that all free dating websites are made for advertising, especially using Google Adwords ?

Their only reasons to exist is making money from your clicks on ads. Free dating websites need paid hosting to keep them online. So if free single dating sites don't require you to pay a fee, how else can they keep their sites running except via advertising? All free dating sites hope their users click on the ads and buy something in the hopes of earning money, around 3-10 cents by click.

The owners of the free dating site really do not care if you meet someone. They do not care who you meet. They are just out there to make money for themselves. So finally nothing is really free on Internet. If you start a relationship, they don't get anything back. How would you expect to find quality men and women to date on free single dating sites?

The entire activity of the free dating sites is automaticly done by the server and dating scripts. Many profiles and private messages are created automatically. You belive that someone sent you private message, but is not true. The servers are programmed to send private messages to inactive members. They come to read the fake message, they waste their time. For every click on ads, the owners of those free dating sites are winning some money from adverters.

Paid dating sites will help you along because you have paid for their dating services, so they can keep their sites running and you can expect quality dating services that are supposed to help you find a good date. There will be allways a customer service available to support you.

To resume, for your own good, we advise you to choice a matchmaking agency because men and woman are checked by the dating agency, one by one. We belive that paid dating sites are more secure then free ones. You can not play with your future so it is better to meet only men / women who passed an interview with a professional dating agency as CUPIDON.

Paying a fee is something that acts as a screening device for a limitation of howmany people can become members. While free dating sites attract hundreds or thousands of just about any Tom and Mary, you would not find as much clutter on paid dating sites. You are more likely to find serious minded people who are not looking to play around.This gives you a better chance of meeting someone who is right for you.

The marriage it is maybe the most important decission of your life. You can not engage for marriage with a man or a women that you met on a free dating site, on Internet. You need to be advised by professionals. Please, avoid every free dating sites, unless you want to have fun and spend some time in vain.

CUPIDON is not a free dating site, that is true, but our professional dating agency helps you to meet motivated single men and women for marriage or at least long term love relationship. CUPIDON is a trustfull international matchmaker agency, a trademark registered in Romania.

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