Why would beautiful Single European Women desire to leave her country to get married abroad ? Well, there is not only one reason. About 95% of the men and women around the world have the same basic desires and hopes relative to love, marriage and happiness.

Most of Single European women have a sense that there is a special man somewhre on earth who will love them and they do not want to be limited to their country when searching for their true love. They are desire to get married with a foreign man, as simple as that. Most of these single women are originals from war torn countries or they live poverty, and they desire a better life. Foreign single men have a better reputation comparing to their citizen.

Anyway be careful to our security advises below :

Not every man or woman who advertises online is looking for love and marriage. There will always be the 10% who are up to something else, so please use your common sense and follow our simple guidelines for your own protection.

1. Do not give out on internet your personal contact information i.e. your email address, postal mailing address and phone numbers. Wait until you know someone for a while.

2. If you are a mature man writing to a young woman, there will be an emotional maturity gap between you two. Our experience shows that a 5 to 15 year age difference is best for most people, but Not 20 to 30 years. Almost all (95%) of the scams that happen are when 50+ men are chasing after women under 25. What could you both possibly have in common ?

3. Do not send money. Never send money for any reason. It’s the easiest way to empty your bank account ever, so "do not send money", and please if you join a dating site and meet someone overseas that asks you for money. Let the site managers know who they are. CUPIDON will automatically remove that particular member.

4. Talk about real things such as health, happiness, love, family and Spiritual progress. In doing so, you will screen out 99% of the people who have other ideas besides love and marriage and then be able to find your love today. The Internet is a terrific source to meeting single European women. CUPIDON has taken into consideration the normal hazards encountered with online dating and has taken drastic measures in securing its members in the highest degree.

To remember :

We advise you to be carefull. Please - Never send or give money to anyone on Internet. Never communicate Credit card details to the users. Never send Tickets or gifts to our members. If you need help for finding a serious girl, contact CUPIDON dating agency to avoid troubles. Please report any suspicious profile of man or woman. / January 2020

Cupidon declines all responsability for any troubles caused by breaching the above warnings !