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Here you can find your ideal partner for marriage, friendship or company. Matrimonial services for all communities. We provide best matrimonial services with Romanian woman and beautiful girls. This matrimonial agency is for men seeking women for relationships intent on leading to marriage. We can help you to find a wife from Eastern Europe, from Romania. Meet loving and sincere Romanian women  -

for friendship and marriage. Cupidon agency is one of the most organized Romanian Matrimonial Agencies with the East Europe and it offers you tested and effective services, thanks to the professional of the Rumanian attendance. Matrimonial Cupidon agency does not sell addresses email allows you to meet the girl ... read more - Marriage Agency. Looking for love or just looking around? You can start right here by running a quick search.

Complete the registration form to start looking for your perfect Romanian partner. Tell us whether you're a man or a woman, who your ideal date is and if you are prepared to travel in Romania to meet a women for marriage. If you are looking for serious Romanian relationship, making a Romanian girlfriend or boyfriend or maybe your perfect life partner, you have to choose Cupidon Matrimonial Agency. Our matrimonial  agency allows you to choose how to work with us in accordance with your personal desires and we give you full access to our woman and men profiles and a complete support service during our matrimonial search. We'll help you to find the love between hundreds of single Romanian girls. Secrets for having a good matrimonial date!

• WHO ARE WE?  = Romanian matchmaker for marriage

We are  a Romanian marriage bureau which proposes meetings between Romanian young women or beautiful girls  with single men from the West of  the Europe for serious love relationship and marriage. Our marriage bureau has a good experience of marriages, of the evolution of the mixed couples that it helps them to join together.

• Members - Single Men for Marriage or serious relationship. They are men of all ages, all social situations, single people, divorced or widowed, with one stable social situation and living in Belgium, in France, in Switzerland, in Italy, Canada, UK, even USA .

• Adherent Romanian woman - They are beautiful Romanian women from 18 to 50 years, single, divorced or widowed, coming from Romania or abroad and impatient to found a happy family abroad.

• How does it works ?

To apply to our marriage bureau it is necessary to be registered so that we seek together, the ideal woman. This is a very profitable alternative, we take the best care of your ask of meeting. Seek, individual accompaniment, go with multiple people, travels meeting, steps administrative, etc… at competitive prices. After inscription, you receive an email which will contain: a code/Link of confirmation to activate your matrimonial profile on , your password and username. After having clicked the bond of the email, go on the site matrimonial Cupidon. Complete your profile in member area  in Edit Profile, and add photographs in Add pictures. To be able to contact directly Rumanian young women , you have to pay , back transfer or western union.

• Prices

Adhesion Motivated member, Travel and dating in Romania to meet girls for marriage.

You have the possibility to meet personally selected women in Romania. We offer individual accompaniment at the time of the meetings which will take place in Romania, for single man who are really motivated to find a good wife. For this real way of meeting,  please  first  register, upgrade your membership on Cupidon, make a selection of members who interests you, than contact us in order to fix appointments. Here you can see our price for dating services.-

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Cupidon Review

CUPIDON is a Romanian marriage agency, a matchmaker with experience in marriage and dating services for mixed couples: single Romanian women,  beautiful girls and single men from abroad. Clients of CUPIDON are single men and women looking for serious relationship and, eventually, marriage. You can find in our database women from Romania, Moldova and some from Russia. Male members are from Belgium, France, Italy, Canada, UK, Holland,USA and other countries.

First step you have to take in order to become a member, is to register online, providing personal data about yourself and add good quality photo. It is very important to fill your profile carefully and talk about yourself in order to receive messages from the Romanian women. After signing up, you will receive an email with a code and a link for confirmation and a password. After you activate your account you will have to add big photo(s) and complete your profile.

Pricing strategy is the same as for the most marriage agencies: gentleman pays for everything. Also you may add announcements in your profile. Women do not have to pay for our dating services. Men willing to find their true love in Romania can choose one of the following options: One date, Two dates, Five dates or more.

You will meet personally the women that you selected from the database, if they agree. The cost of this service is : see fees list in the menu. You will be offered individual accompaniment to the meeting, which will take place in Romania. CUPIDON believes that the main cause of such a big number of singles in the world is the insufficient effort of both partners to meet each other. This is why many of started relationships are stuck at the point of correspondence and do not go any further. So they recommend you to, which, according to their experience, has best final results. CUPIDON guarantee the number of introductions you signed for, in function of the services level you choiced.

Once you become a paid member, you will get access to CUPIDON database and you will can communicate online with all registered ladies. You can ask them to meet, and they will answer to you in your mailbox. So, you can get more then 5 dates, if you are smart. First the agency will introduce you to 1, 2, 5 women but, you may organise more dates by yourself. The payment for our dating services can be done online by credit card, cash, western union or bank account.

CUPIDON advise all men and woman to complete their profiles carefully. Actualy, all members are supposed to complete their profiles, to speak about how they are, what they really look for. If member does not add photos, does not add a good description about their lives, maybe nobody will contact him, nobody will be interested by a poor profile. There is not a specific type of profile, but if you do a little effort, your profile will be developped and good enough to attract women's attention.

CUPIDON is in close collaboration with France and Belgium agencies (Unicis, Optimum, Stoneage). Gentlemen from these countries can take advantage of a great number of other services, including organised travels.

The website is well organized and easy to use. is available in English, Romanian, French, Spanish, Russian, German and Italian languages. Most complete versions are Romanian and French, as it is mostly oriented towards Belgium and France, but all the other versions are also good. If you need more information and you can not find it on the website but you can contact them and get all the information required. They speak English well enough end they are kind.

Selection of Ladies: CUPIDON has a database of more than 2000 active profiles in last 10 month, profiles of single Romanian women looking for marriage. NOTE : This content was an objective point of vue of a Romance Dating Revue who talks about CUPIDON as a serious Marriage agency !

Quality Star Rating: 9/10* - The website is good. Full support et quicly answer to the customer quastions. Personal assitance, a matchmaker with Romanian women exclusively. Here we tell you how to find a beautiful young romanian bride

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