We know how difficult it is to find the right woman or the right man, with who you want to build your life. Our international marriage agency's offices are located in city of Bacau and in Bucharest, country Romania. We have representatives all over Europe. Our purpose is to introduce you to beautiful Romanian women who are looking for relationship and maybe marriage. Here are some success love stories born with our dating agency's help.

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Mike and Elena

Past year, I met the love of my life. It came almost unexpectedly. I was writing through Cupidon for a long time, but I hadn´t heard from a Russian lady that seemed to spark my interest. The writing seemed to be going nowhere.

Then one day I decided to phone one of the women that spoke English fairly well. So, I set up a time to phone Elena. We talked for about a half hour, a half hour that helped me see the woman behind letters. She was sincere about finding her true love and we both decided that we wanted not words but action. We decided to meet in Spain in September. Of course at first I was a bit nervous, but in the end I met a beautiful, smiling woman who was also very smart and with a good head on her shoulders.

What really staggers me the most is that we were able to develop a level of sharing. Right now, ´m getting ready to meet Elena in my hometown of Detroit.

Perhaps our meeting could have happened through another site, but it didn´t, it happened through Cupidon, and I´m very happy about this.

Many thanks, Mike




I just got back from a business trip to Romania. When I was in Bucharest, I was able to set up some dates with a few of the european ladies that I was corresponding with for a couple of months in the nearby area through Cupidon. I must say that I met some really great women and that, while we are different culturally, we are not really that different as people. So, I´ve decided that I want to marry a European lady because they seem to have some sort of fascination for me. My hopes are that within a year I´ll meet that special woman and we´ll be married soon after that.

Sincerely, George


Michael and Tatiana

Dear Raluca,

My wife Tatiana and I would like to thank cupidon.ro/en which has helped us find each other and the happiness that we were looking for together. Once again I have found love and harmony in my life, with Tatiana, and she has such a wonderful heart and she is a very caring. We are very close and my friends say she is the perfect woman for me.

By the way, Tatiana asks me to send you her greetings and best regards.


Hi, my name is Bruce.

I´d like to leave a short message. I should say that Cupidon has done a lot for me and the women I write to. I have written to some very nice women and I´m planning on visiting Russia this summer to meet them. Thanks to Cupidon, I am confident that I´ll find that special lady at last when I visit Europe and esspecially Romania.

I wish Cupidon all the best and success.


Greg and Vera

Hello Cupidon,

In a week, the happiest day of my life will take place, my wedding day. Vera and I will finally get married. I´d been waiting for a long time for this to happen and finally I met my soul mate through Cupidon. We both didn´t doubt for a minute that this was what we had waited for when we met face to face in Moscow. It might seem unexpected, but it did happen to Vera and me. Actually, Vera was corresponding through Cupidon for some time before she wrote to me, and her letter seemed sincere and touched my heart. Then after filling out and submitting all the necessary visa documents and the months of waiting and the uncertainty, my Vera came to the U.S.A., and we are getting married soon.

I just want to say that this is a great site and that you have changed my life for the better.

All the best, Greg


John and Irina

Hi Cupidon Team,

We want to let everyone know how happy we are. Irina and I met several months ago, and now we are living together in San Diego. Friends tell us we are a fabulous couple, and Irina is looking forward to studying and working here in the United States. And we´ve even talked about having children already! Our lives have definitely changed for the better since we met. And all of this was possible because of Cupidon and we just wanted to thank you for helping us meet.

Take care, John and Irina in San Diego


Steve and Nadia

Briefly about myself: my name is Steve and I´m from Texas. I own a ranch, so I´m tied to the land. A ranch demands a lot of work and you can´t go about it in a lazy way. I was alone for some time and was looking for a wife to share my life and have my meals with. I don´t usually go out, so it was hard for me to find the right woman. So I turned to dating sites. It is a convenient way of meeting women I think.

Well, to cut a long story short, I married my Nadia and she is everything I was dreaming of. She grew up outside of the city, so she just fit in to the surroundings naturally. I was amazed, but believe me, after all the time of getting accustomed to the new home she turned out to be the real master of the house. I could not ask for more. In the end it´s the relationship that matters, but I can´t pass without saying many thanks to Cupidon that has made my days so meaningful.

Regards, Steve


Arnold and Inna

Dear Cupidon,

I'd like to tell you how grateful I am for the Cupidon site. I was desperately seeking a woman I could fall deeply in love with, and it was not important to me where she was from. In the end, I found her at Cupidon, and never in my life did I think that I would ever fall in love with a lady from Russia by corresponding through a dating site. I truly believe that fortune has shone its light on me, and I am so happy with my bride, Inna, and enthusiastic about our future.

Many thanks to Cupidon and my best wishes.


Ken and Natalia

Dear friends,

I am so happy with my new life that I can´t stop from sharing my new-found happiness.

Going back a few months, I see that the decision to find a East European wife was an important stage in my life. I was always a confirmed bachelor because there seemed to be no-one to meet my needs. I wanted a quiet and cozy home and a nice wife to share my life with. I corresponded on some sites without any results – it isn´t easy to get to know someone if you live half way around the world. But Natalia was set on finding her dream, a rare quality I should say. She helped me a lot during that uncertain "transition" period and I am grateful to her and to the Cupidon people who did a lot of work for us.

Thank you and I hope your dating company does well and helps other people like me.


Dave and Ana

Greetings all,

I was inspired to write this letter as a result of the recent developments in my life.

I was writing through Cupidon as well as other dating sites in my search for my significant other in Russia. I had met some very nice people from Russia in my neighborhood and thought about trying out online dating with Russian women.

Well, I was never sure to the end about the results, but, amazingly, it happened, I met a lady that has made me feel that she is the dream of my life, someone I was always hoping to find. Svetlana and I talked on the phone and the magic of her voice made me sure she was the one!

This may not sound possible, but we are in the middle of the visa process now, and, believe me, I am so happy and excited that I am positive we are a great couple. I have nothing but praise for this chance and for Cupidon.


Daniel and Maria

Hello, Cupidon!

Warm greetings from me and my wife Maria. We are so happy that I wanted to share our happiness with you and let you know our story.

I lost my wife ten years ago. I was so overwhelmed with my loss and so busy raising my little son that I didn´t even think about marrying again. No one could replace my wife for me. One day I came across Russian women dating site. I was impressed by the women´s profiles and by warm testimonials written by happy couples. I took the decision to join the site and see what online dating is. I wrote to a few Russian women who were my age, mature and serious. Maria seemed to be a very nice woman from the start. Something in her attracted me. Gradually our letters became more frequent and personal. Some feelings appeared and I realized it only when it was too late turn back - we had already decided to meet in Russia.

I would say she was nearly a perfect match for me. She is so calm and sweet and she understands me perfectly! I invited her to America. She came and stayed with me for some time and that was enough to decide that we should get married and that it was the right thing to do. She returned to Russia and it took some time for her to gather all documents. During all this time we wrote to each other and talked on the phone. Now everything is settled, we are married and lead normal lifes. A big thanks to Cupidon and its staff who were so patient and attentive to all my letters and troubles and with the help of which I managed to find my happiness.


Steve and Polina

Polina, My Rosy-Cheeked Beauty

Dear Cupidon team,
I thought I should tell you my love story with a wonderful Russian woman. I'd been looking for a mail order bride from Eastern Europe for a couple of years with no luck. Then I decided to narrow my search down and concentrate on Russian women only. You probably want to know why? As I live in Alaska, the region with a severe cold climate, Russian women from Siberia or Central Russia would have no trouble to quickly getting used to the local weather conditions. So I thought a Russian woman wouldn't suffer much from the cold and would become a suitable wife for me in the great asperity of Alaskan climate!

So I started corresponding with a couple dozen of pretty Russian girls I found on Cupidon. Over time I chose three the most beautiful and fine Russian ladies and not so long ago I flew to Russia to meet them.

I have never had more fun in my life! One of the women completely stole my heart. Her name is Polina. I asked her to marry me and she graciously consented. Without question, she is the sweetest and the most beautiful Russian woman from all the mail order brides that I have ever known!

I bought her a 1 carat engagement ring of very high quality that would have cost about twice as much in the U.S.

I'm focused now on getting Polina to America; I suspect my beloved Russian woman will come here in summer.

My opinion Cupidon did a very good thing in helping me find a suitable wife among mail order brides, even for Alaskan climate!

With deepest thanks,
Steve and Polina, Juneau, Alaska.


Mike and Natasha

Hello Cupidon,

My wife Natasha and I want to thank you for helping us find each other!

We're very happy together. Feel free to use our testimonial to all of you Cupidon users who are looking to meet nice, beautiful Romanian, Russian or Ukrainian brides.


Magnus and Katerina

Good day to Cupidon team!

Five months ago I met a wonderful Romanian woman at Cupidon agency, we fell in love and are getting married.

Katya: It was me who sent a letter to a nice Swedish guy called Magnus. That's how much I liked him from the first sight! Some three weeks later he offered to meet me in Bacau. So we did. I was impressed by his attitude: the truth is that with him I had never felt like a typical 'mail order bride'! Unlike ill-mannered Romanian guys, he treated his potential bride like a treasure – flowers, inexpensive but nice presents and plenty of love in his eyes. Romanian women are so unpretentious, you know… When I turned thirty Romanian men lost their interest in me as in a potential bride. I had a very low self-esteem and felt irrelevant in my homeland...

That was the beginning of our love story. I visited Sweden a couple of times, and we are soon getting married.

Sincerely yours,
Magnus and Katerina, Stockholm, Sweden


Mark and Irina

Hi Cupidon,
My future wife Irina was born in Tver, Russia.

She once told me that she dreamt of marrying a foreign man since childhood and moving with him to the west. So she placed her profile at Cupidon but deep inside she didn't like the idea of becoming a mail order bride.

It is known that Russian mail order brides are enjoying wide popularity on the internet as almost all of them are beautiful. After a couple of months I came to meet Irina in Moscow. From all the American guys who wrote to her, she chose me! I don't know why. I rented an apartment and after two days, I proposed to her! As a well-brought-up Russian woman she didn't want to say 'yes' or 'no' at once so she kept me waiting for a week. Finally, when we were walking through downtown Moscow she accepted my proposal. We both remember that minute, I couldn't believe my ears. I kept telling her how happy I was and how much I loved her.

I want to thank Cupidon for their noble work and I wish all the American men looking for love in Russia to never give up their hope.

Sincerely yours,
Mark and Irina, DC, USA


Morris and russian brides

Dear Cupidon,

As a former member of this site I would like to say a few words of advice and encouragement to American men involved with Russian women (or searching for one). Most Russian women unlike American ones take marriage very seriously. Most Russian women are not grasping and materialistic, but they do want to be able to respect their husband as a breadwinner. They want reliability as much as riches. It is very difficult for a Russian woman to uproot herself from her country, so try to support her and to always be there for her.

And last: do not hesitate whether to marry her or not for too long, else another one will find her!

Morris Coles, Seattle, USA


Dimitry and Olga

A friend of mine brought to my attention the idea of meeting Russian ladies. I initially emailed through Cupidon to some Russian women and received a dozen of good responses. Our correspondence went on for about 3 months, and then I realized that the time came to visit some of the Russian ladies.

I cannot say that my trip surpassed my expectations, on the contrary... I was a bit disappointed and decided to go back to America. Two days before the departure I got an instant message from the lady I had been corresponding with through Cupidon. To tell the truth, I could hardly remember her. Neither her photos, nor her letters had captured my heart. I considered them a bit boring and, well, too ordinary. However, we set a date and that day changed all my life. As soon as I saw her I realized that she would become my wife. Next day at the airport I proposed to her...

I must admit that you guys at Cupidon have changed my life for the better. Thank you again and may your business blossom to provide such satisfying results for your customers.

Dimitry and Olga, Toronto, Canada


David and Natasha

Hello everyone at Cupidon!

I am so happy to meet my love, my true friend and future wife Natasha, thanks to this site and I'd like to tell you our love story.

It was not long ago when I first came to Cupidon. I soon got acquainted with Natasha, who couldn't speak English well, and I started learning Russian in order to understand her better. At the same time she started learning English. My Russian lady's first letter was very interesting. She wrote about her life in Ukraine, her interests and hobbies. She once wrote she was fond of knitting and sewing. I liked it a lot and on her next birthday she got a sewing machine as a present from me. She was so happy!

My first meeting with Natasha took place after 3 months after our correspondence had begun. We had a great week at the Black Sea. During that time I got acquainted with Natasha's parents, who appeared to be kind, decent and intelligent people who gave me a hearty welcome. I soon made a proposal to her and she accepted it with joy.

I am very thankful to Cupidon for giving me the chance to meet such a wonderful, kind, beautiful and smart lady as Natasha! We are happy together and I hope we will be happy for the rest of our lives!

With much love and happiness,
David and Natasha, MD, USA


Matthew and Vera

Hi Cupidon,
I have recently returned from a trip to Moscow, Russia. I am now engaged to be married to Vera, a very attractive Russian woman.

I went through the email-writing process with a number of Russian ladies but actually decided quite early on, that Vera was the girl I really want to meet. We talked weekly on the phone and our romance blossomed. Being a real Russian woman with a strong personality, she helped me overcome my initial shyness.

I made the journey to Moscow and found that Vera really exceed all my expectations! She is the only one that I could see spending the rest of my life with. She told me she got letters from other American men, but did not care about their money. Vera cares about me for who I am. This amazing Russian woman has even moved me to write poems, though I have never written a poem in my life!

Best wishes to all the ladies at Cupidon,
thanks for everything!
Matthew Straw, KA, USA


John and Maria

Hello there at Cupidon!

The reason why I started corresponding with women overseas, with Russian women in particular is my unwillingness to compromise my dream relationship. Over the years I tried many dating services searching for my love but I found only American women that I wouldn´t call compatible partners.

By accident I came across the Cupidon web site and I began emailing to a wonderful Russian lady in northern Russia. Her name is Maria; she is 42 yo and has a teenager son. I felt from Maria's first letter that I was communicating with my future Russian wife.

It was hard for me to imagine that my 'mail order bride' and I would ever meet in person, as it is very difficult for Russian women to get visas for the U.S. and I never dreamed of traveling to Russia. But for some reason my trip worked out and I left for Moscow on winter 2005. I was in heaven during my stay there! I've heard that some of you guys complain about the quality of Russian women. I tell you what - then you could never be happy with any woman!

I proposed to my sweet Maria on my birthday, after we had been together for a week. I was very happy when she said "yes." What a wonderful birthday present for me!

My advice to all the men who are considering using Cupidon to find a Russian wife: approach this effort with dedication to purpose and you really will meet beautiful, intelligent, and sincere Russian women. Thank you Cupidon for the good work you do!

John and Maria, FL, USA


Tom and Veta

Tom: I put my picture in the Cupidon catalog and soon after that I was contacted by Veta, a sweet blond Ukrainian girl from Odessa. Her message was short as this: "Hi Tom, if you did not live 6000 miles away, I would ask you out..." I had been writing to a number of mail order brides before but in Veta's case things seemed a great deal better. We got to know each other through email and occasional phone calls for about two months.

I flew to Ukraine and met this wonderful girl. We spent two fabulous weeks together by the Black sea. My dear Ukrainian bride accepted my proposal for marriage, even though I made it as early as on the 3rd day.

Veta: Let me say in closing that love and family is the essence of life to Russian and Ukraine women which makes them very attractive to American men.

I am absolutely happy. –
Thanks again, Tom and Veta LeGrand, CA, USA