CUPIDON suggests you passing to the concrete things to meet Romanian women  or girls for marriage. Here is thus the functioning of the formula Travels - Meetings of CUPIDON who is the best way to meet Romanian women for marriage.

CUPIDON is a professional site aimed at assisting single men and women in their search to find love. Our matchmaker site allows you to browse the profiles of nice Romanian singles looking for dates, love and marriage. If you are after Romanian dating then this is the site for you!

1. You click on Sign up and you complete correctly the registration form & add your photo.

2. After the recording, you verify your e-mail address to confirm your profile by pressing on the link that will be there. You connect on the by means of the name of user and the password chosen during your registration. You verify once again your profile which you can edit if necessary.

3. Simultaneously, you contact us by pressing on the words Contact Us at the bottom of every page of the site Cupidon, in order to:
• speak to us about your project, your research, and indicate us the date of your journey of dating in Romania
• establish the way of payment. The amount has to be paid before we begin the researches to find a Rumanian woman for you.

4. Next we will start together research for the woman of your life:

• Click on Research and select from our site the candidates who you want to meet. We advise you to choose a little more that the number which you wish to meet. For example, please choose about 20 women, if you wish to meet 10. You have also the possibility to write them directly or speak to them by the cat immediately.

• If you wish it we can send a letter of recommendation to all the girls of the slice of age chosen by you, with your profile accompanied by photos, that you added in your album on the site by clicking at the top, after connection, the word Photos. Then, in the week, the most part of the women shall answer by e-mail with photos. These e-mails we are going to send you in order to make the sorting of those you would like to meet.

5. The women selected by you, either by the column Research, either from the answers that we shall have further to our letter of recommendation, are then contacted by us to verify their motivation and to fix a schedule of the individual meetings.

6. Two or three weeks after the beginning of the researches, you prepare your journey of meeting namely: the booking of the plane ticket, the reservation of the hotel). We can also advise you what company or witch hotels are more interesting concerning the prices.

7. In Bucharest you will be welcomed at the airport by an adviser or a person of the partner agency which will drive you to your hotel and will explain you the progress of your meetings. Already in the evening of your arrival or the next day, you can start the firt datings which will last approximately 40-50 minutes by woman, with or without translator. Most part of the Rumanian girls speaks English or French, thus generally, so there is no need of translator.

8. It is necessary to show calm and flexible because many of the girls that you will meet have a stable work and thus cannot release subito presto presto when you want it. It is necessary to understand that one the research for a woman for marriage, by a marriage bureau, is not standardized. The success of your meetings depends on several facts as: your seriousness, your capacity to attract a woman, your kindness, your character and your projects for the future, etc. … On the other hand, please, be respectful with the women you will meet.

9. Having met all the women who appear on your list established before your departure to Romania, you are free during the rest of your stay, to meet again the women who please you more. You establish by common consent what to go to you to make afterward and also about the question to know when and how you want invite your preferred woman to come to spend a stay in your country.
Since there are plane tickets from 100 euro and since a Romanian woman does not need a visa to visit or to stay in your country, your dating projects can transform into serious relations of love which leads to the marriage.

Why to choose us? Here are some reasons: because we are cheaper than the others matrimonial agencies, because we give money back to you if during the journey in Rumania there will be no meetings, because we are for your service 24heures / 24 and 7jours / 7, because we have new profile every day, because our site is fast and monitored all the time, because our supply is not limited in the time, because we are the first ones on Google in “Matrimoniale”, because we are the biggest marriage bureau of Romania.

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