This page is exclusively dedicated to the webmasters who are using DatingScript or intend to use DatingScript and want to buy or sell a customization made for Datingscript. This page do not replace the official support help you can get directly in Client Area on The customization codes below are tested and used by our dating website. We do not offer any guarantee, refund or updates but we guarantee each of them is working with the actual Datingscript version. If you are interested to buy a customization, contact us. or send us a whatsapp request here.

  • Buy our customized Template for Datingscript

Do you need some modification for your Datingscript templates? Or, ...Do you like templates and want use on your dating website, I can sell you a customized copy for only 65 Euro. This Dating Script Templates is SEO optimized, the pagespeed is improved, it is responsive and compatible with all internet browsers, fixed top menu bar and header, modern colors, nice bouttons, many personal improvements, a.s.o. Live demo username: demo password: test.

  • Rewrite usernames from .com/profile/username to .com/username Example will become Price 30 Euro
  • Privacy for profile and picture

By default in Datingscript, profile privacy can be selected only after the registration, after the first login, from Settings. By default in DS the user Profile data can be hidden for Guests but the username and the profile picture will still remain visible on homepage, sidebar, gallery and search results. Some users do not want to publish their picture or username on Google, so probably you need this mod.

If you care about your users privacy and want total privacy respecting totally the users choice, you could buy this customization. This way, the users can select the profile privacy level on the signup page already, so their profile and picture can be set "Visible to the Registered Users only" or "Visible to anyone who visit the dating website". If the first option will be selected, the Guests and Search engines, will not see the private profiles and pictures neither on homepage, sidebar, gallery or search results. Only the Registered users will see the private profile pictures.

The price option 1.) - 32 Eur - if you want to hide profiles photo everywhere on website for guests, once registered users set privacy level to Registered users only from Settings - Privacy page.

The price option 2.) - 46 Euro- it include the option 1 here above + supplementary you get the code to add Privacy option on Signup page. People are looking for privacy so most of them will choose to have a private profile including photo, from the registration step. Live demo on see the privacy option on the second signup step.

  • Translate Datingscript in Romanian

Are you interested to buy and install the Romanian language pack in your dating site based on Datingscript? This pack includes all language files you need, thus only the Public Area words are translated in Romanian. The Administrative aria is not yet translated because you not really need it because You understand English. The price is 65 Euro.

  • Make your site visitors curious and invite them to sign up

For Guests, a message will show up only on specific pages (as in search / search results a.s.o) and it could increase the number of signups on your website. Example: "Many profiles and pictures can be seen only by the Registered users. Please - Sign up. Do you already have an account? Please - Login". Your site visitors will become curious to see all the profiles & pictures from your website, so theoretically they will proceed to sign up. I have a multilingual module to show the message in different languages. ( message, different than Price 10 Euro

  • Invite users who do not have a picture to upload one

Are you upset because most of your site members skip / hesitate to upload a photo ? If you do not consider it too boring for them, you can add a message at the bottom of each page, inviting them to upload one. The message will show up only if the user don not have a picture. If his picture is pending approval or if the picture is approved, the message will not show up.
Example: "Your profile does not contain a picture. A profile without a picture receives fewer messages than one with a picture. So, you should add one. Then optionally, under Settings - Privacy, you can decide who can see your picture and your profile: Anyone or Only registered users. Add a picture (Link)" Price: 10 Euro

  • Replace specific links with buttons

If you want to replace some links - with buttons (as Cancel or Lost Password links for example ), from your web-pages as .com/users/picture/thumbnail - .com/users/login/lostpass - .com/users/login/ you will need to edit your custom.css file. Using this file you will not need to re-do the css customization on the futures script updates. To see a live demo visit or Price 10 Euro.

  • See details, edit or delete users in 2sec, from your mail address

When you get notification about new signups, if you want to see in your mail, some important details about the new registered users and even edit or delete some suspicious accounts with one click, you could simply edit the notification mail you receive as Administrator. Price 10 Euro

  • Cometchat customization and integration with DatingScript

I customized it, i use the last version of Cometchat Premium Edition, and i am satisfied. Each group has specific permissions, guests are invited to Sign up when they try to chat, Regular users are invited to upgrade. It is free for regular users to chat with Paid users. Regular women group can contact paid users too but can not contact other women. All Contacts are ordered by importance: Administrators, Paid users... I set different background color for Admin and Paid users, a star added on the right side for Paid users.... and some other improvements as header + Logo for mobile devices linked to homepage. If you have a valid Premium comet-chat license, you use the last version of Cometchat and Datingscript and you want this customization, the price is 80 Euro.

  • Rewrite search results URLs

Example: Or Or instead of URLs as[]=1 Or[city]=115900 . You can replace the keywords in URL. It is Multilingual ! You can also set Static search results Links. The price - 120 EURO - Implementation included if requested.

  • MetaTags Title and Description for Search results

This module is available only if you buy the rewrite search results urls. It is based on user qwery, so if someone search Men from Paris, you will have that title/description automatically. Easy to change the SEO words. Datingscript is an awsome dating software. Price 45 USD

  • If user mail is incorrect, disable mail notifications with 1 click

We all know how important it is that the notifications that we send every day, arrive in the Inbox, not in Spam/Junk folder.

Unfortunately, many notifications we send to the users will fail because many emails of our customers are incorrect or they became inactive in the mean time. If we send notifications to incorrect mail addresses, all our notifications risk to be considered spam by gmail , yahoo... , so they will arrive directly in the Junk / Spam folder. I created a new easy mod: you can disable specific user notifications with only 2 clicks. This way you prevent the blacklist of your email server address.

How it works ? You click on a link - all email notification will be disabled for that user. Time to set : max 3 minutes. Very easy to implement, one file to add, + one file to edit.

Where: You put the link where you like:
1. In the email you get as administrator, when someone signup. If in the same time you get the notification, you receive a Mail delivery report, it means that the user's mail address is incorect, so you should click on the link to Disable all user notifications.

2. In 'view profile' page, link seen only by administrator. The mail pupose of this mod is to limit the notification to incorrect email addresses and avoid the blacklist of your site. Price = 20 Euro

: You can also use this mod, to offer your users a link to Unsubscribe from all email correspondence, with one click. This is a GDRP obligation. Act before it is too late ! If you are interested by this mod, contact me on my site or on Whatsapp.

  • After signup > Redirect users to Upgrade membership page. Price 20 euro
  • Show under profile important information: Who I am looking for, imported from Matchmaker plugin. Price 15 euro
  • Show under profile links to users from the same Location - Country - Region & same gender as curent user page. Price 15 euro
  • To avoid Scam, redirect after signup all new women to a new group, make tme inactive automatically in order to check & activate them later manually. Price 15 euro
  • Add a new paiment gateway by SMS for Romania mobile networks using Mobilepay - Netopia. Intergrare completa a platii prin SMS - Price 120 euro
  • Intergrare plata cu cardul folosind Netopia Mobilpay - Pret 120 euro.
  • Add a star on the main profile picture of the users who paied a membership - 15 euro

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