~ How do I join this matchmaking agency ?
Before join us, you could call us 0040 740 800 800 to have a short interview. Then joining cupidon.ro/en is really easy - simply click here to register and select your preference (ie. I am women seeking a single Man etc) and the country you live in. Then enter your email address, mobile number, a password and the rest of the registration form. After you have completed this application, open your mail address and validate your profile to sign into your account and start browsing other profiles. As member you can view and contact other profiles. The main reason of your registration is to meet them really, not only online.

~ What CUPIDON agency, will do for me ?
CUPIDON, as international dating agency, engages to research compatible free women for the client. The agency will suggest him single women and will organize several dates for the client. The agency will coach the client during the validity of the contract, in order to help the client to find the right woman, for a serious relationship. We put our years of dating experience and listening skills to identify true relationship seekers. We know you’re looking for people like yourself - nice single, divorced, or widowed individuals who are earnestly looking for a lasting relationship. Some people are seeking a companion, others are seeking a spouse. Either way, we will match you with a single man or woman with similar goals and dreams as you. Sure, you must cooperate with us during the entire matchmaking process.

~ In practice, how dates work ?
The potential partners will be introduced personally by the manager who will accompany the client, during his tripin Romania. We will organize dates in one region. The dates will be done in women's cities. The client will support the expenses for hotel, restaurant, displacements. The agency guarantees minimum 5 dates. If a woman will not come to meet you in Romania, she will be replaced by another introduction, in order to have minimum 5 dates. Generally introductions will take about one hour

~ How do I know that these are motivated women?
Our dating agency personally interview most of registered single women and we provide accurate profiles based on their real qualities and values. We accept only single women. Think also that she is single at the moment of her registration. She is free to meet someone outside the agency. In this situation the agency can not be responsabile if some will not be single anymore. We do our best to keep a database formed exclusively by single men and women.

~ How should I pay the dating services ?
After you register on cupidon.ro/en, you should try to send a private message to any woman. You will be redirected to a new page who contain details about payment. You can anytime see your membership fees on this page: matchmaking membership fees.

~ Do I need to pay in advance the dating services ?
Yes. We will not start the researches before the fee are received on our back account. You can also pay the half of your membership fee when you will arrive in Romania.

~ Is there a written contract between me and your dating agency ?
Yes of course. The contract guarantees that our dating agency will respect the number of the personalized introductions. The agency guarantees to provide minimum one/two/five dates, as obligation of means. The agency can not be held responsible for the way that the relationships will evaluate.

~ How long does it take before I get a response ?
It usually takes 1-3 weeks before to get an response from the women because we need to contact each woman personally. Any women have the right to accept or to refuse to meet you.

~ How many matches and guaranteed introductions are promised and over what period of time?
This depends by the contact who include the membership's level. We have three basic memberships, one date, two dates, five dates. If you choice specific women to meet, they must agree to comme to see you.

~ Who can see my dating profile ?
Your profile may be private or public. It can be seen only by the women you want to get in contact with or if you choose that your profile to be visible by any woman.

~ Can a women visit me first in my country if I pay the trip ?
She can but she will not accept. Most of women worry to come abroad to meet a man. You should come in Romania for the first meeting, like this she may know you better and trust you.

~ Do the women need a visa to come and stay in Europe ?
Any Romanian woman has the right to visit and stay in Europe without visa.

~ How much does cost a plane ticket to Romania ?
It depends when and where you but the plane ticket. If you take a low cost company, you can fly from Paris or Amsterdam to Bucharest for only 50 euro.

~ How often new women join your dating agency ?
Normally every day we receive new registrations and they appear on our homepage. We have also other dating databases reserved to our members.

~ What will happen if after the end of the contract, I still didn't found my love ?
You can get free unlimited access on our official website during 3 or 6 month in order to contact new potential partners.

In order to Signup on CUPIDON, please fill the registration form correctly, add your description and a real picture of you. You can ad a little picture in your profile and some big pictures in Albums. You will need to activate your account, by clicking the link from the mail you will receive after signing up.

How to edit my profile ? You can edit anytime your profile here : edit my dating profile

Price and services : The Site is free only for women, if the profile is accepted by us. Men have to to upgrade from "My profile", after getting connected, if they want send messages. Payement methods: Visa, Mastercard, paypal, western union, bank transfer. You can pay if you click here: Upgrade Membership. Our prices list can be found here: matchmaker

Support : For personal assistance in matrimonial dating, please contact us to arrange this professionally. Anyway, It is important to have a nice profile on our site.

Search & Contacting members :

You are free to surf between our profiles making a simple search or an advanced search into our database. You can encrease the picture' size after clicking on. Search is available in the Menu or from the sidebar.If you want contact someone, in his - her profile, under the main photo you will see: Send message. CUPIDON works as a dating Matrimonial Agency. Your partner researches will be done with our personal full help.

Help us to keep a quality dating - matchmaking site
Our site is supervised and we do not accept any sexual content. Sometimes it can happen to see abusive content on new profiles. In that case, please contact us and report that profile. Reported profiles will be deleted if they do not respect the site rules. No spam, no cheating is admited. We want offer a quality dating and matrimonial service, that is why we are so restrictive.

How to add new photos into my account ?
You cad add:
1. ONE main picture in profile here profile's photo
2. Other pictures here

Deleting your account
If you really want to delete your profile just click here: Delete my Account

Feedback :

Contact us for any other question or suggestion you could have. If you need specific help or you want to suggest some new features, please contact us