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Tehrān, Teheran, Iran
71 kg 
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Brown Eyes 
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I am Single & I look for a relationship 
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I am an open-minded boy and I love nature. I am thirsty for traveling around the world and exploring, although I have spent most of my time studying, my heart beats for adventure. I am good at mechanics and electronics and my hobbies are making new things, modifying things, off-roading and adventure, paragliding, long journeys, action movies, action war games, sleeping, drinking, and so on.
I'm not pleasuring a luxury life. I believe that a life with many experiences is better than living in a palace with golds and jewels. I am a futuristic and economically minded person and I usually plan for my future and goals. I always try to be sincere and loyal and I think these are the most important characteristics of a human. I do not believe in religion and I believe in complete freedom and equality of men and women, I'm physically active and a little dirty-minded :-) but people around me reject these things. well, I don't get them and I can't pursue their way of living, that's why I'm trying to migrate from my home country.(to Canad or Australia) but I'm not sure where can I find a good family and friends. I am a sensitive and calm person and my biggest goal in life is to make this world a better place.
I've born In Iran and I'm living in Tehran I have got a master's in Electrical engineering and I have some money. I'm ready to start a new free life in a country with more freedom and without any prejudice and religious people.

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Not sure if I want 
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educated, respectful, optimistic, positive, calm, balanced 
Computers / Internet, Cooking, Crafts, Gaming, Gardening, Listening to music, Movies, Reading, Travel, Fishing, camping 
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Technical, Science, Engineering 
Look for a serious relationship
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An honest, smart lady who wants to learn and experience new things it doesn't matter how she looks or how old is she but I'm looking for someone with deep thoughts who is thirsty for learning and experiencing and plans to live in a good place with a dependable guy to count on

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