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Massa, Toscana, Italy
90 kg 
Eyes Color:
Brown Eyes 
Hair Color:
Light brown 
Personal Life
Marital status:
I am Separated & I look for a relationship 
In my own words:

Ciao, sono una persona di buona educazione personale e scolastica, ma sono semplice ed aperto. Viaggio molto per lavoro ed ho un ufficio a Bucarest, ma casa mia è in Toscana, sul mare. So essere molto attento e molto dedicato verso la persona che mi farà innamorare.
Hello I am a person with a good education and good manners , but I am also simple and open. I use to travel frequently and have an office in Bucarest, but my home is in Tuscany , on the seaside. I can be very attentive and dedicated to the person that makes me falling in love with her.

Have kids:
Without kids 
Want (more) kids:
Not sure if I want 
Astrological sign:
A person:
educated, respectful, optimistic, positive, romantic, tender, calm, balanced, sense of humor, family oriented, dynamic, active, efficient, correct, altruist, trustfull 
Arts, Dancing, Family, Health / Fitness, Reading, Theater, opera, Travel, Shopping 
Professional life
Self Employed 
English, French, Italian, Spanish 
Look for a serious relationship
How your partener should be:

ciao vorrei incontrare una persona carina, positiva, dolce e gentile che voglia dedicarsi a me, come io farò con lei, ed apprezzi il mare in estate e la montagna in inverno. Che sappia essere romantica ed appassionata in intimità.
Hello I should like to meet a nice person, optimistic, polite and gentle, wishing to lean on me as I would do for her, that appreciates the seaside in summertime and the snow in summertime. Liking to be Romantic and passionate in intimacy

The age I'm looking for:
From 30 To 40 years old.
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